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The Football Coaching Process PDF

Football is one of the most difficult games to learn and master.

The range of skills and techniques required, using almost every part of the body, to control and move the ball through a 360-degree spectrum of possibilities,under regular pressure from opponents, means that a lengthy period of practice, training and development is necessary for each individual player.

The additional complexity of the game in terms of decision-making and the constant challenge of correct off-the-ball positioning increase the difficulty of the learning process.

Players also need to learn how to function as part of a team, interacting with their ten team-mates while dealing with the actions of their eleven opponents; they need to be aware of the various tasks required of the team, and the many and varied individual player tasks.

It is perhaps stating the obvious to the reader when I stress how difficult it is to play football.

However, despite the widely-held acceptance that it takes a long time to learn how to play football, there seems to be a very common perception that it should not take very long to learn how to coach it.

If it takes around ten solid years of effort and practice to learn how to play, mastering perhaps one or two positions in the team, why should it take any less than that to be the one who knows EVERYONE’S role, the one who makes the WHOLE TEAM tick, the one who can plan and conduct training sessions to MAKE THE WHOLE TEAM BETTER, the one who can observe and analyse WHOLE TEAM PERFORMANCE ON MATCH-DAY, seeing the problems and IDENTIFYING SOLUTIONS, the one who DRIVES, INSPIRES AND DEVELOPS ALL PLAYERS AND STAFF, with a special combination of PLANNING, COMMUNICATION AND LEADERSHIP SKILLS?.

It is clear that learning to be an effective team coach, like learning to be a player, is a process that takes a lot of time, effort and practice.

This book is all about this PROCESS:

by helping the reader to see and understand the logical and connected PROCESS which underpins the act of effective coaching, it is hoped that we will develop a much larger pool of successful and perceptive coaches who will push Australian players to a higher level.

Coaching is a profession, and a difficult one; however, we believe that our role in Coach Education is to make sure that learning the trade is not any more difficult than it needs to be.

We hope the clear and logical process outlined in this book and on our courses will assist you in reaching your coaching goals.

In essence, this manual aims to provide the theoretical background for the practical application of the coaching art.

The real learning is in the ‘doing’; attending a coaching course is a key part of a coach’s development, but there must also be a period of practice and reflection to ensure steady improvement.

This publication is intended as a resource for those attending FFA’s Advanced Coaching Courses and also as a guidebook for all involved in football, whether as coaches or administrators.

We have a lofty long-term objective for football in Australia – ‘world leader in the world game’ - but the only way we will get there is with a united and concerted effort by everyone in the game.

I wish you the very best of luck in your coaching career and look forward to your support in driving Australian football towards world-class performance.

The Football Coaching Process

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