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Fast Transition 3 v 3 Plus Keeper Game and Developments PDF

Small-sided games such as 3v3 play a huge role in developing players technically and tactically.

Coaches should be looking to include 3v3 soccer drills in their soccer sessions to help accelerate the development of their players.

In 3v3 small side games, players will naturally have more touches on the ball and more decisions to make.

A study that looked into the differences comparing a 3v3 and 6v6 small-sided game found as whole 3v3 games were more beneficial for the players.

The players in the 3v3 small side games had performed more short passes, kicks, dribbles, tackles and scored more goals when compared to a 6v6 small-sided game.

It concluded by recommending coaches should implement a form of 3v3 games to support the development of players’ physical fitness and soccer technique.

If you want to speed up the development of your players the best way for you to do this is to improve your knowledge as a coach.

Here are some soccer coaching books I would recommend.

In this post, I am going to give a variety of different 3v3 small-sided games and soccer drills that you can use with your teams.

Each of the 3v3 drills will have different outcomes depending on the rules and the setup to reach the desired session objective.

For these drills, I recommend that you give players positions to help them get a better understanding tactically of the game.

For example having a center midfielder, a left midfielder, and a right midfielder.

The 3v3 soccer drills will also include coaching points and different ideas on how you can make the 3v3 soccer drill more or less challenging.

Make sure you have all the soccer coaching equipment you need for the drills before starting.

Quick play, fast decisions, quick transitions, tactical rotation and combination plays and use of imagination in tight areas finishing with many shots on goal; we get it all in this game.

Coaching Points:

1. Teaching the thinking process of awareness and peripheral vision

2. Quick Play: One and two touch

3. Combination Plays; overlaps, give and goes, diagonal runs

4. Rotations of players, tactical positional changes

5. Changes in tempo; learning when to slow the game down / speed it up

6. Very fast Transitions of play based on a possession change

7. Mental transitions in changes of possession

8. Shooting and scoring goals

9. An Immense amount of touches on the ball for every player

10. At some point bring the offside rule in, you decide when its it’s the right time.

11. You can ensure the right players form the attacking and defending team shape per your actual team set up.

So have a back three / four work together or a front four for example.

So a SSG becomes a function.

Count the score to keep it competitive for example the first team to score 5 goals wins.

Players love this game its dynamic and a lot of fun too.

Ensure the coach identifies coaching moments and educates the players at every opportunity asking THEM to solve the problem; or create their own


Fast Transition 3 v 3 Plus Keeper Game and Developments

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