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We understand that we can only win by playing as a team and we can only lose by playing as individuals.

We understand that games are more often won by the quantity and quality of the movement of the 10 players without the ball than the movement of the one player with the ball.

We understand that defense begins the instant that we lose the ball We understand that our opponents cannot score if we do not allow them to shoot.

We understand that we must play with our vision up while keeping our opponent's vision down.

We understand that the fastest way to move the ball from one point to another is by passing it.

We understand that after making a pass, we must either create a supporting angle or make an angled run.

We understand that the purpose of dribbling is not to move the ball but to create time and space.

Form a large circle of players about 5 yards apart.

Every player is given a number that is exclusive to him/her. Start with the ball at player # 1. Player # 1 passes to player # 2 passes to player # 3 passes to player # 4 and so on.

At this stage the ball simply travels around the circle until it reaches the last player who then passes the ball back to player # 1.

Keep the ball moving around the circle, this is important.

The coach calls out 2 numbers, the players with the 2 numbers concerned must sprint clockwise around the outside of the circle and arrive in their opposite numbers position, i.e.

If the 2 numbers called are 1 and 5, # 1 must sprint into the # 5 position and # 5 must sprint into the # 1 position.

In this example # 1 will have a short journey, only having to run 4 spaces, but # 5 will have further to run to get to the # 1 position that has been left vacant.

All the other players keep passing the ball to their next number.

At all times the ball must be kept moving and the players in the circle must encourage the runners to get into position to receive the ball.

When player # 1 receives the ball from the last player he will now receive the ball at position # 5 because that is where he is now positioned.

Player # 1 must still pass the ball back across the circle to player # 2 who then continues to player # 3 and so on.

After a few different numbered calls from the coach all the players should be in different positions from where they originally started, and the ball should now be passed across the circle at different angles.

As a final part of the exercise ask the players to get themselves back to where they were positioned originally so that eventually the ball ends up being passed back around the circle.

This should be done with care, let # 1 start the call and get himself back first, whoever is in his original position will have to communicate with him to let him back, and then player # 2 gets back and so on.

Remember that as the players get themselves back the ball begins to speed up as the passing goes from across the circle to eventually going around the circle in short passes.

Harder Variations: Odd numbered players run clockwise, Even numbered players anti - clockwise. Start the session with 2 balls, say 1 ball with # 1 and the second ball with the player situated around the halfway mark.

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