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Creative Soccer Training PDF

Creative Soccer Training PDF

This book is considered a sequel to the book The Soccer Games and Drills Compendium.

350 Smart and Practical Games and Drills to Form Intelligent Players–For Advanced Levels, published in 2016, and its content and quality build on that of its prequel.

At the fore in The Soccer Games and Drills Compendium is fundamental training content such as passing, dribbling, shots on goal, feints, juggling, and dueling.

Additional key subjects are transitioning and reacting, chaos and action, different ways to start a game, active defense, tournaments, tactical exercises, and athletics.

This extensive compilation is realistically oriented toward a game-appropriate training approach.

The realistic concept is characterized by a very direct representation of actual competitive action and requires the corresponding realistic techniques and tactics.

With the book Creative Soccer Training. 350 Smart and Practical Games and Drills to Form Intelligent Players–For Advanced Levels, the authors continue their realistic training approach and differentiate the key aspects of basic and classic soccer training.

Furthermore, modern, innovative, and new topics of training are cultivated.

In addition to the technical-tactical basics in the areas of passing, ball control, shot on goal, tackles, transitioning, chasing the ball, capturing the ball, possession, circulating the ball, and game flow, there is also a focus on creative and imaginative content in the areas of cognition, awareness, preorientation, over-the-shoulder glance, color games, playing into the seams, rondos, target areas, action speed, and playing ability.

The focus on creativity affects both players and coaches.

On the one hand, the bounty of open-ended training activities with lots of options for action and behavior alternatives helps to develop creative players with a high degree of playing ability.

On the other hand, the coach’s view is directed to innovative training approaches away from the status quo.

The training exercises and suggestions introduced here allow the coach to create new possibilities for an appropriately creative and fun training concept.

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