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Preparing for Competition The Method of Maurizio Sarri PDF

Preparing for Competition The Method of Maurizio Sarri PDF

Maurizio Sarri managed to turn the 2017/2018 SSC Napoli into one of the best football teams ever.

Admired throughout the world, the Italian coach definitely created a name for himself in the football realm, being one of the most desired managers right now.

On the following pages, we will unveil the game model of 2017/2018 SSC Napoli.

We will begin with the patterns displayed in the different moments of the game (offensive organization, defensive organization, offensive transition and defensive transition).

After that, we will analyze the team’s behaviors in the different offensive and defensive set pieces throughout the season.

We will finish with Maurizio Sarri’s weekly game plans (based on the ideas gathered from his UEFA Pro license thesis in the Italian FootballFederation).

Like “Mr. 33”, a nickname he got when he coached in the 6th Italian division for having 33 different set-piece situations, we believed that, in an increasingly optimized football at all levels, preparing every game down to the last detail is decisive.

Hopefully, this work will be useful for every coach, prompting them to evolve and improve every day.

Remarks on Maurizio Sarri’s SSC Napoli "Maurizio Sarri was the author and sculptor of this “Great Beauty”: the 2017/2018 season of SSC Napoli. The team displayed a stunning football, noticed and appreciated all over the world!" .

Aurelio De Laurentiis (President of SSC Napoli) "Maurizio Sarris’s SSC Napoli was one of the best teams I ever faced in my career, perhaps the best!"

 Pep Guardiola (coach of Manchester City FC)

 “Working with Maurizio Sarri was amazing. He is the responsible for SSC Napoli’s record-beating three seasons and its amazing way of playing.

I recommend him to any team in the world, for his football ideas and his hectic working method!”

 Pepe Reina (SSC Napoli’s goalkeeper).

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