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 Constraints Based Small Sided Games

Through out this book you will see regular mentions of constraints or adaptations to sessions these constraints can be environmental, individual or maybe even task related.

The Constraints are imbedded in to the practice to try and help assist the player in learning the task they are attempting to learn.

Environmental Constraints

Maybe the modification of the playing area or playing numbers to modify the landscape of the game, it is important that this is done with the players at the heart of the decision though to ensure that the learning outcomes are still central.

Task Constraints

May relate more specifically to manipulating the scoring outcomes of a practice to challenge a team to a specific scenario such as beginning a game 2-1 up or 2-1 down and these constraints can add additional challenges to the players and help create a more challenging and beneficial environment.

Individual Constraints

Individual constraints are a great way of developing individuals who may strive within the group personal challenges or modifications to their game practice such as limited touches maybe specifically beneficial to them.

Physical Conditioning

Small sided games can provide a very manageable way to condition players, the blocks set out in the training session examples will specifically train elements of performance in line with tactical periodization.

Ensure that you manipulate training games to condition players to the principles you require, generally small sided game will occur during the middle of the week where players train the strength element of performance and this will be expose players to high quantities of changes of direction and ultimately condition players in line with what is required to compete.


The sessions you will see through out this book will demonstrate ‘examples’ the challenge set to any coach will be to adapt these sessions in line with 1 the Individuals you have and 2 The Environment you have and 3 the Principles you have as a coach, inlining these practical sessions with these three key components is significantly in insuring that you have complete consistency in your coaching program.


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