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 “I do not criticize those who think this way (conventional training). am critical to those who compare our training process with other processes. All training processes and competitions are different. For us it is a matter of design, more than that, it is a matter of "operationalization".

I start by saying what I have said in other occasions:

I do not have a fitness coach because as a leader responsible for the process I would not have folder to give him, I don’t have a folder of fitness!

I do have assistants in the training, with very specific functions according to our playing process and the needs of the management of a long season.

It all relates to the way we train.We do not have room for physical training, that is, we do not have space for traditional resistance training, strength or speed.

It's all a matter of team behavior! We work on our playing model, we work on our principles and subprinciples of play, and we adapt the players to ideas that are common to all, in order to establish the same behavioral language.

We work exclusively on game situations that interest me; we are doing the weekly distribution of those situations in accordance with our logic of recovery, training and competition, progressiveness and alternation.

We create habits in order to maintain the good form of the team, which translates into a regular "playing well." I know it's a difficult question to dismount from the cultural point of view.

Moreover there are people in their own right, who think radically the opposite.

Even for those coaches who say that they train with situations of small sided games because, even these coaches, live seized and obsessed with exercise times, rest periods, repetitions, etc.

All these questions are for us "accessory". What is crucial for us is the contents, the game principles inherent in each exercise and the interactive relationship we establish with it.

What is really important is to understand that what we seek is the quality of work rather than the quantity, training to play better.”.


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