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Coach Great Soccer The Coerver Coaching Session PDF

Football is the worldʼs most popular sport.

It crosses the boundaries that are language, culture and religion.

Indeed football can be a wonderful way to communicate and open up dialogue when sometimes there is dispute or conflict.

It can provide wonderful health benefits in these days where in some countries obesity is a serious problem.

Above all, it can provide huge enjoyment to players and to spectators of the beautiful game.

" At the youth level there are many coaches, teachers and parents who do a wonderful job, giving up valuable time and energy to help young players progress and without financial remuneration.

We who are professionals in the game of football have a duty to help at grassroots level by acknowledging the huge importance of youth development.

The young are the lifeblood for the future.

" Of course, we need the best programmes and the best coaches to be ambassadors for the game, to spread the wonderful benefits the game can offer both on and off the playing field.

In this regard I am very happy to introduce this new project devised by Alfred Galustian and Charlie Cooke.

The Coerver Coaching Program, in my opinion, is the leading youth skills development programme in the world.

The co-founders, Alfred and Charlie, are real leaders in technical training, in my opinion, and their concentration on the creative side of the game is so beneficial.

In 1994, while I was Technical Director of the French Federation, I invited Alfred to work with our national and regional coaches at our National Training Centre in Clairfontaine where we developed wonderful young talents such as Thierry Henry.

The influence of Alfredʼs work in France has been borne out in the development of many of our young stars.

" Alfredʼs recent appointment as Technical Skill Advisor to the Premier League is an essential step in maintaining the progression of young players in this country.

The Premier League is arguably the best league in the world and choosing the best to work with the best will ensure the quality of the next generation of players coming into the Premier League.

Coach Great Soccer The Coerver Coaching Session

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