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Football Attack! 80 Shooting & Finishing Drills PDF

At its heart, football is a simple game.

The difference between winning and losing comes down to your team’s ability to score more goals than your opponents.

Everybody loves to watch attacking football; club sides like Arsenal and Manchester United and international teams like Brazil and Holland are followed by millions of people who do not necessarily support those teams, but who enjoy watching fast, incisive and attractive attacking football.

The thrill of scoring a goal and the feeling it gives you is very hard to describe.

This is the same for a young player playing his first game, or a veteran on a Sunday park pitch, as it is for a top professional in the World Cup final.

However, one thing is for sure, once you score that first goal, you are immediately in love with the game and the feeling of scoring a goal.

This book aims to increase your team’s chances of creating and converting goal scoring opportunities.

The drills aim to build confidence in possession of the ball and enhance your player’s understanding of when, where and what to do in the final 3rd of the pitch.

The drills are designed to allow maximum time in contact with a ball and include lots of variation on movement and choice of action by the players.

As a coach you can modify the drills and add your own rules that fall into line with your own tactics and vision of how you would like your team to play.

Often the best attacking play is instinctive and “off the cuff”; however, in your training sessions you must be able to show the players all the possibilities that are open to them when attacking.

Once you have opened up your players awareness, then they will be more flexible and creative in game situations.

This in turn will lead to more goal scoring chances being created. This book is divided into three key areas of training:

1 – Unopposed build up and combination play.

2 – Opposed drills.

3 – Small-Sided Games As we go through the book, we will describe why each area is so important in creating the building blocks of training and learning.

How to use this book



You may not be able to exactly recreate the suggested area for any number of reasons.

The size is by no means an absolute but should not be deviated from too excessively.

As a general rule 10 yards is equal to 7 strides.

You can use this simple equivalent to mark out the area you need; 20 yards = 14 strides, 30 yards = 21 strides etc.


Each drill in this book shows a recommended number of players needed to run that particular drill. The drills can, on the whole, be easily expanded and many assume that you will have a queue of players that keep the drill ticking over while your players collect errant shots and make their way back to the starting point.


One of the beauties of the game is that it can be played almost anywhere with a reasonably flat surface.

If you do not have some of the equipment listed in the Setup section, you can, of course, substitute equipment you do have.

Training tops become cones, corner flags become goalposts, parents and coaches become mannequins.

The Steps

The steps required to run each drill have been broken down into 3 sections, each relating to a numbered illustration showing what movements should be made within each step.

In section 3 (Small-Sided Games) some of the games are continuous so the steps shown here are in fact the initial rules and apply throughout the duration of the game.


Some of the drills in this book operate on a more obvious rotation than others.

A player takes his shot and then rejoins the back of the queue for example.

Others require players to move from one station to the next taking on the role of attacker, defender or server.

Others, such as the small-sided games in section 3, operate continuously for a set period of time.

Football Attack! 80 Shooting & Finishing Drills

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