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12 training sessions Coaching Session Planner PDF

Football coaches are always looking at ways of getting the best out of their players during training sessions.

It is not enough to just turn up at a football training session and make something up on the night or to give the players a ball and tell them to get on and play a game.

Here are some points on running a successful coaching session.

Plan your session before a couple of days before to give yourself chance to run through it in your mind and make changes where you think necessary.

Resources can be found on Youtube and by searching on Google.

Have a clear objective of what the whole session is trying to achieve. Stick with this theme throughout.

Ensure you arrive 10 – 15 minutes before the players to set up and to greet the players as they arrive.

Make sure that you have the basic football training equipment.

You will need two sets of training bibs, at least 20 marker cones, a football for each player, a whistle and stopwatch and a first aid kit.

Running a session on your own can be difficult.To enable the session to flow better it is best to have 2 coaches.

One warms up the team whilst the other sets up the first routine etc. There nothing worse than 15 players standing around whilst you set up.

It is important that the whole session runs smoothly.

A typical session should go something like.

Warm up and stretches – Dynamic Warm Up – Technical Session concentrating on your objective – A progression of your technical session - Small sided game focusing on what the players have learnt.

Stick to this formula for each training session.

Make notes of what went well and what can be improved.

12 training sessions Coaching Session Planner

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