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An Arsenal Soccer Schools coaching booklet PDF: Defending

An Arsenal Soccer Schools coaching booklet  containing sessions on the topic of Defending.

Sessions are designed to be adjusted depending on the age and ability of the playing group.

please note that this Arsenal Soccer Schools booklet is for use by Arsenal Soccer Schools coaches only.

You must not pass on this booklet or any of the information contained therein to any third party and may only use it for internal Soccer Schools coaching purposes.

How to Defend in Soccer?

Every position defends in games, yet most coaches don’t teach players how to defender properly.

Coaches often say things like “don’t stab” or “get goalside” during games but these phrases are hardly a substitute for teaching players to defend.

It’s not surprising that almost all beginners and some advanced players don’t know how to defend properly.

When learning this skill you will slow down too close to the player with the ball (which allows the offensive player to beat you easily) or too far away (which doesn’t put adequate pressure on the attacker). As you practice defending at the correct distance will become a habit that you will do without thinking.

3. Defend at an angle

You want to make dribbling as hard as possible.

When you defend at a slight angle (with your body turned slightly to the side) you make it harder for the attacking player to move in both directions.

An Arsenal Soccer Schools coaching booklet PDF: Defending


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