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Systems of Play PDF

Systems of Play PDF

In terms of football the Summer of 2016 could not have gotten much better for fans,coaches and pundits alike.

This “Summer of Soccer” allowed us to witness the best players in the world showcased in preseason tours with their club teams, the CONMENBOL Copa America Centenario, the UEFA European Championships and the 2016 Rio Olympics.

These great football events showcased some of the best players

and soccer that the beautiful game had to offer!

As one would imagine in this technologically driven world each event offered TV commentators worldwide opportunities to enlighten the general public on what they would witness each match.

Every day they used their Smart Boards to fill our eyes with anticipated formations, systems of play and/or ideal positions for the starting players.

After watching a television football broadcast a novice may think figuring out how to best utilize your talent required little more than to put the players on the field.

Although we may have heard the experts speak about the 1-4-2-3-1 of Germany, the 1-4-4-2 of Iceland or the 1-4-3-3-1 of Barcelona but the biggest question that often went unanswered was WHY?

Within the pages of this book I will share with you reasoning and methodology behind the three most common systems of play showcased in the 2016 Summer of Soccer.

In addition I will also cover two additional formations which teams may be considering.

Utilizing the most up to date information available I hope to offer football coaches a fresh new look at the information thrown about daily on their televisions.

By sharing the background information on why coaches chose players for a certain system I am giving the reader the information necessary to delve into the countless video clips available on

the internet.

 I believe if you see the formation in action then it will reinforce your

understanding of what it should look like!.

Through a combination of two different learning methods (reading the information and seeing it in action) I hope the reader will have a better understanding of the players necessary to employ each system as they are ultimately responsible for the success or failure of any formation.

Good luck with your efforts and I am looking forward to seeing how this information can help your players reach their personal and team goals!.

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