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Microcycle - FC BARCELONA - 2 Weekly Games PDF

Microcycle - FC BARCELONA - 2 Weekly Games PDF

Periodization is derived from 'Period' which is a division of time into smaller, easy-to-manage segments.

In our case ''Training Periods'. Specifically, periodization is the division of a yearly training plan into training phases which apply to the principles of training.

Work load and intensity of training programs in split into successive small units ranging from one week to a full year.

Each segment of training targets a specific type of training (i.e. skill, speed, strength, stamina and suppleness (the five S’s).

In football these fitness attributes need to be blended with both technical and tactical training.

A well designed training program takes into account both the physiological and psychological needs of players.

To acheive mamximum performance and effective training it is the coaches responsibility to properly periodize and plan the training for the year.

The development of skills and psychological attributes should follow a logical sequence.

Our goal is to have our players peak at the optimal times (i.e. Competition).  Deficient preparation will result in less than optimal performance.

Planning a successful training plan isa two way process between the coaching staff and players to develop a realistic and attainable schedule with a balance between training and recovery.

Inexperienced players and youth players are dependent on their coaches to develop these plans.

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