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Two Yard Tag

 Two yard tag is a fun partner tag game that is great to use following a general dynamic warm-up. 

Two Yard Tag

Set Up

Divide players into two teams and have them partner up with someone from the opposite team. Have them line up in the middle two yards across from their partner as shown in the diagram. Add cones on either side about 10 yards away.

How It Works

When the players are lined up, the coach gives the signal by calling out one of the two teams. The team that is called are the taggers and the team that isn’t called are the runners. The taggers earn points by successfully tagging their opponent. The runners earn points by making it to the cones without being tagged. This drill works with running but it can also work with various locomotions such as speed walking, two foot jumps, galloping, etc.

Coaching Points

Emphasize to the players the importance of being quick on their feet and being able to make decisions in a split second.

Similar Drills

For other great tag games, be sure to check out rock, paper, scissors tag and pinnie tag.

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