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warm-up with the ball PDF

 Before starting a match we see football players performing activities on the pitch. What are they doing, what are they doing it for? They are doing warm-up exercises.

Should these exercises always be done? Or just before each game? Is it the same thing to do any exercise?

Well let's first explain our definition of warm-up and then we will explain it.

Warm up is a set of physical, general and specific exercises, conducted in a gradual and orderly manner, prior to physical activity, of higher than normal intensity, in order to prepare the body properly.

In the case of football, warming up would be the exercises and activities before intense physical activity (match or training) to prepare the player for it.

What is a warm-up?

Exercises and physical activities.- General body movements are performed such as running, repetitions of joint mobility, stretching the muscles. Such activities are physically carried out, it's not just mentioning them, it's not to watch a video, the player has to move.

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