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USING THE RONDO EFFECTIVELY learn from Spanish Footballs Secrets


Principles of The Rondo 

Develop Technique: 

The consistent repetition under varied playing conditions makes the rondo a very effective method to develop receiving and retaining as well as passing technique under varied and manageable pressure

Develop Decision Makers: 

Rondo practices can be extremely effective for developing quick and confident decision makers, this is due to the consistent cognitive engagement a rondo demands players are challenged to make decisions in relation to opponents and spaces consistently.

Patterns Of Play 

As this Ebook will demonstrate the Rondo does not need to be a 4v2 box, the rondo can be used to develop patterns of play such as wide player and full back passing patterns. 

Value Possession 

Young players will value possession due to the physical demands of being out of possession in a rondo, this is a great way at ensuring these traits are built in to your players.

Develop Physical Conditioning

 Being inside the rondo can be a very taxing physical output, this can be used for strength days where change of direction is extremely important towards player development.

Benefits Of The Rondo 

Movement Off the ball

 Rondo’s can also be an effective tool to develop movement off the ball, the consistent movement of the ball challenges the outside players to create angles between the opposition playing lines and try to find forward passes.


 Rondo’s are a player favorite and can be high intensity but also a highly enjoyable activity, players can create rules to reward nut-megs or split passes and this can drive a highly intense and completive start to any session .


 Rondo’s lay opportunity for players to be creative in their own passing and receiving. This can allow players to build on ideas and have opportunity to repeat ideas within the rondo.

Passing Detail 

Rondo’s are effectively passing circles, so there is no surprise that with the use of rondos players passing develops especially over short distances not only the accuracy but the weight and timing of the pass.

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