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Best Sports Apps (2021)

Best Sports Apps

 To get back in shape, keep it or just clear your head, what could be better than physical exercise?

Best Sports Apps (2021)

Whether you want to play sports outdoors or at home, there are a plethora of apps available for download. Paid and free, there is something for all budgets, tastes and levels. 

We have selected for you the best running, fitness and yoga apps for iOS and Android.

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1. Strava

Strava is arguably the most complete sports app. With it, you can simultaneously recover your training statistics (speed, altitude, calories, etc.), create new routes and challenge other athletes. 

Thanks to its sharing platform, you can discover routes that you have never taken before and will be able to post the most beautiful photos of your bike rides. 

With the Beacon feature, even share your location in real time with your loved ones, especially in an emergency situation. 

Whatever sport you practice (running, walking, swimming, yoga, kayaking, etc.), the Strava app will make you a real athlete by pushing you to surpass yourself, achieve your goals and beat those of the other. 


To take advantage of the Fitness option and other more advanced features, subscribe to Summit for € 7.99 / month or € 59.99 / year, after a free 30-day trial period.

2. Freeletics

With Freeletics , enjoy 5 to 30 minute workouts tailored to your needs and desires. 

You can do it where you want and when you want, you don't need any hardware except your smartphone. The application offers 900 exercises, thanks to which you will work your entire body. 


3. Nike Run Club

The sports giant, Nike, has developed applications for die-hard athletes (runners or fitness enthusiasts).  

Nike Run Club challenges pros and novices alike.

First of all, when you register via an iOS, synchronize the application with Apple Health to have as many details as possible on your physical condition (electrocardiogram, vital signs, etc.). Once your profile is created, you will come across an intuitive and very well thought-out interface.

You will be able to choose between several options, such as your inbox, your rankings, your feed or even a “Club” feature which highlights national or worldwide sporting events. 

To achieve your goals, you will be advised by experts and supported by millions of runners. To motivate you even more and earn rewards, a series of challenges is offered to you every month!

Nike Run Club

Between monitoring, coaching program, training with videos, Nike Run Club will be your best ally in full marathon preparation.

4. Nike Training Club

Nike training Club , meanwhile, replaces your personal fitness trainer by offering more than 185 free workouts.

Enter your level of physical activity, ours is 0-1 workout per week for example and familiarize yourself with the application which will then submit you suitable programs.

For example, squats and abs enthusiasts will have access to strengthening or sheathing workouts, among others. And, for the quieter among you, the app even offers Yoga exercises.

Now, no more excuses! Re-energize your body and bring out your chocolate bars by following these home exercises. 

If, for some people, it is difficult to motivate themselves to resume physical activity, try to do it in music, with bluetooth headphones , ideal for invigorating sessions.

Nike Training Club

5. Runtastic

Runtastic is a great classic, it's an easy-to-use application that offers many options.

Set goals, analyze your sessions in detail as well as your progress and examine your ranking through your statistics. With Runtastic, manage all your races and control your distances covered.

The interface is very well designed, the first steps of your registration are to enter your height, weight, activate your GPS and the Movement and shape functionality.

Several of the programs will introduce you to the basics of running, exercises to lose weight, or for the more courageous, advice on preparing for a half marathon.

On the app, you can also find a news feed, which reminds us a bit of that of Facebook, through which you will get in touch with your friends, share your sessions and discover the latest trends on Runtastic.

If you don't like running alone, be aware that there is an option to join a group of runners. Do not hesitate any longer and download Runtastic on your iOS / Android .


Note that for 7 days, you can test the Premium offer for free, to access even more functions.

6. Samsung Health

Samsung Health is specially designed for users of Samsung devices.

More than just a sports application, it is your health partner. It records your activities, meals, water and caffeine intake.

With the options it offers, keep a close eye on your diet and weight. Your sleep and stress will also be analyzed so that you learn to relax as much as possible. Clearly, Samsung Health takes care of you!

Samsung Health
Note that in order to function, Samsung Health requires at least Android version 5.0.

7. 7 Minute Workout

Would you like to regain control? Are you motivated to exercise despite a busy schedule? Then 7 Minute Workout is for you!

This application ( iOS / Android ) offers 7-minute fitness sessions, consisting of exercises of 30 seconds each. You'll be guided by audio commentary alerting you when to pause and resume. To help you be diligent and better organize your sessions, even use its Calendar feature.

If you don't know how to reproduce the exercises, then tap the camera icon and watch the how-to videos.

Despite a somewhat empty interface and a somewhat unpleasant voice, even robotic and a little identical to that of a GPS, 7 Minute Workout fulfills its functions correctly.

7 Minute Workout

The classic program is free, however to unlock a specific training plan (abs, buttocks, etc.) you will have to pay € 1.99.

8. Hercules

Hercules is an Android bodybuilding app. Thanks to it, you can create your sessions, by defining the exercises, their duration or the number of sets to be performed.  

Following your workouts, it offers you a follow-up and thus gives you access to your results. Thanks to these statistics, you will be able to define your progress margin and change your program if necessary.  

Its interface is intuitive and fluid, and all the exercises are illustrated with pictures. If you want to personalize your workout, then just add the movements of your choice.


The app is free for 7 days, before going down to € 4.99 per month.

9. ActivityTracker

With ActivityTracker, you no longer need a dedicated device to track your daily activity other than your iOS or Android . 

This Fitness application tracks your steps, distance traveled, calories burned, time spent in activity and even the number of stairs climbed, all directly on your smartphone.


It has a clean interface and it will help you set achievable sports goals without the need to purchase a third-party wearable device. To take advantage of advanced features, you'll need to pay $ 4.99 for in-app purchases.

10. 5 minutes of yoga

What could be better than a good yoga session after a long day of work? As for the previous application, 5 minutes of Yoga ( iOS / Android ) provides you with quick and efficient sessions to perform on a daily basis.

This application adapts to all levels, its very simple interface provides you with images of the poses to be performed and a text of instructions for each of them. You will also have a stopwatch to manage your time.

If you want a more complete version, then opt for the Premium commitment for € 10.99 (single purchase). In rechanche, if you prefer a monthly payment, then it will be 2.49 €. 

5 minutes of yoga

Such a subscription will give you access to all the functionalities and to more than 300 exercises, with the possibility of doing them in music.

Here we go, open your chakras thanks to 5 minutes of Yoga!

11. Home exercises

Thanks to this application, keep in shape while staying at home thanks to a series of exercises for beginners and confirmed.

The sessions last about ten minutes and allow you to work the whole body, without having to use any equipment. 

Stretching, strengthening programs, or more targeted, by downloading Exercise at home you will benefit from a complete and very easy to use app.

To stay regular and help you sculpt your desired figure, it even has an option through which to set goals. 

Home exercises

It is available for free on iOS and Android .

12. Goove.App

Usually, Goove.app  is a paid application aimed at sports, health, APA and medical structures (physiotherapists, etc.). 

However, in view of the current confinement, and so that you can practice a physical activity at home, Goove, headed by the Ministry of Sports, has decided to accompany you free of charge. 


You have the choice between muscle strengthening and flexibility sessions, there is something for all levels.

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