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Sports Training PDF

We use the term training in various contexts. We talk of training of teachers, administrators, police and army personnel, medical and paramedical functionaries including, working in nongovernmental organisations and volunteers engaged in various events.

In these contexts, by training we mean, an organised and systematic instructional process which aims at improving an individuals’ ability to play their assigned roles effectively and meaningfully.

However, this kind of understanding of the term training cannot be applied to the concept of sports training.

The term sports training is specifically used in the context of athletics, sports and games which could be a training of sports persons, coaches and teachers of physical education.

It is also used by scientists and experts who belong to the field of sports science and medicine, sports bio-mechanics, exercise physiology, sports psychology and other fields like yoga and science movement.

But even in these contexts, the concept of sports training is understood differently.

In this chapter, therefore, we shall learn the meaning of sports training, its aims, characteristics and principles and also about sports skills.

Sports Training PDF

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