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Ball Control, Pass and Receive PDF

Coach your players to win, control and pass the ball with ease with the help of the following basic football skills and drills. Coach basic ball control skillsT alk to any experienced soccer (football) coach and he will tell you that giving your players the ability to control the ball and move with it into areas where he can pass it back or pass it wide to continue the move is coaching match-winning skills.

Your players will get lots of repetition of controlling and passing the soccer in game like scenarios .

This will help improve their decision making during actual soccer games.

These skills. that go hand in hand and it is an important part of soccer.

Passing is used by a team to help maneuver the opposition out of position to create space for attackers to move into.

There are a variety of different passes and control players can use in a game of soccer.

Different Passes

Short pass

This is used when a team is closer to you and you are able to accurately use the inside of your to pass to them.

Drilled pass

This pass is used when you team is further away from you.

You strike the ball with your laces and keep your head over the ball so the soccer ball stays along the ground.

Chip pass

This pass requires the use of the laces again however to get height on the ball you will lean back so that the ball goes in the air.

Different types of soccer ball control

You can use any part of the body to control the soccer ball as long it is not our arms.

The most common types of soccer control would be the foot, thigh and chest.

You can also use your back and should but it is a lot harder master.

I hope you find these soccer passing and control drills useful!

Ball Control, Pass and Receive


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