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Do Football players have sex before big matches?

 Do Football players have sex before big matches?

How Much Sex Do Footballers Need at the World Cup?

When it comes to sex before a match, various people have different ideas. Consider the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
During down time, all eight teams that advanced to the quarterfinals allowed their players to have sexual contact with partners.
All banned teams have been eliminated.
Although studies show that sexual activity up to two hours before an event has no negative impact on high-level athletes' performance, not all 32 squads had a clear policy on whether or not to allow their players to have conjugal visits during the tournament, which is being held in Brazil for the first time since 1950.
Some teams, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, and Mexico, which have all returned home, have imposed a sexual relations ban.
Others in the final eight, including as the Netherlands and Germany, had scheduled time for their players to see their wives and girlfriends.
After several games, Brazil's team was given days off, and manager Luiz Felipe Scolari stated he didn't object if they had "regular sex," but warned them against anything too "acrobatic."

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