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Training session: Work on speed with a fun team game

 Dominant: Physical: Improve speed + Technique: Ball handling

Duration of the exercise: 15 min

Intensity: 90%

Category: U13 to Seniors

Equipment: cups, 2 mini goals and a ball per player.

Training session: Work on speed with a fun team game

Description, instructions:

On one side of the field, make a field as in the diagram. The size of the field will depend on the number of players you have. It should be large enough that “players don't step on each other” but not so large that there is a minimum of difficulty in dribbling. Then, form two teams (like here the Yellows and the Oranges). Every player has a ball in their feet

The game begins when each team is on the goal line of their zone with their foot on the ball. When the coach shouts “GO”, the players should sprint with the ball to reach the opposite line avoiding and / or dribbling the players of the other team who come in front. If the player can go to the other side without losing control of his ball, and put his foot on top and shout his name, he gets 1 point. Plus, if he can walk towards the goal and put the ball into the small goal with his foot on it, he scores two points.

Going towards the small goal may be more complicated because depending on requires changes of direction and therefore with a risk of meeting more players in this area. Only players with a good vision of the game and a good analysis usually manage to go towards the small goal.


Speed: When the players are comfortable, have the players boulder sprint

Change of direction: Add some cones to add difficulty.

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