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Psycho Motor Skills Exercises PDF

 General Hints and Tips 

Ball skills are a very complex set of skills to learn.
Children who find ball skills difficult need lots of practice so vary the activities you try so that they don’t get bored.
Always finish on a positive note with them having some success to avoid frustration.
You might need to make the activity easier to allow them to succeed. Circuit of Dexterity-Agility-Speed for U14 & Over
1st Ex.) Combine 2 Moves & Rhythm Start side to side over hurdle, somersault (no showing in this animation) skipping to cones (Rhythm) then pick up ball and keep skipping while with ball in the hands 360 around the waist (combine 2 moves) keep doing same 2 movements over hurdles .
NOTE: This animation no capability to show summersault &player doing with ball.
2 nd Ex.) Rhythm-Speed Dynamic Balance. 

Side to side very quick & short steps over hurdle(rhythm-
speed), sprint to high hurdle and jump feet together (dynamic bal.)
3 rd Ex.)Reaction (audio visual)-Rhythm-Sprint. High knees over ladder, at coach command (audio or visual) player react & “sprint over hurdles” – “jump in to each ring” – “zig-zag around cones”.
4 th Ex.) T/S Orientation, Differentiation, Rhythm (later move) Adapt & Transform.
Player pass (front ) or
throw ball in the air ball, somersault , find the ball (T/S orient.) kick ball to closer possible to ring (differentiation), side over hurdle only 1 leg (rhythm-open hip later move), teammate either throw ball for heading over hurdle or pass for zig-zag around poles (adapt & transf.)
5 th Ex.)Rhythm, Combine 2 Moves, T/S Orient.

Kick straight knee to cones, dribble ball around cone, pass
ball under hurdle jump same time over it find ball dribble & do same to opposite hurdle, juggle or lift ball over low hurdle and find ball before hit the ground.

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