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the science of rondo PDF

the science of rondo PDF

the science of rondo PDF

I was introduced to rondo some twenty years ago as a player, however no one told me it was called “rondo” nor did they explain the objectives of the game.

At the time there were actually coaches preaching what an unrealistic training exercise rondo was. 
They believed it taught the direct opposite of what you want your players to do because after passing the player stood still—it did not teach movement off the ball.

 In college we played rondo once a in a great while and only as a fun activity before training actually started.
 There was no intensity level or understanding of its real purpose. To us it was just a keep away game with no real purpose.

 Now, twenty-three years later, as a seasoned head coach I have a totally new appreciation and understanding of rondo, which I’d like to share with you!

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