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Quick Transition to Defend Inside the Penalty Area A

In this situation Man City are building up play from the goalkeeper. The centre back Otamendi receives and carries the ball forward. He is closed down by Neymar and passes forward to Sterling (7). Sterling (7) takes a bad touch and the ball is intercepted by Busquets (5). Busquets (5) passes to Rakitic, who passes to Suarez (9). Man City now need to make a quick transition from attack to defence. 

Suarez passes to Neymar. Zabaleta (5), Sterling (7) and Otamendi (30) all move quickly to close down the new ball carrier (Neymar) who dribbles forward with the ball. The other Man City players quickly track back, with 5 players in total defending inside the penalty area. Neymar attempts a low cross - Kolarov has moved across and clears the ball towards Aguero. This is an example of a successful transition from attack to defence for Pep Guardiola's Man City

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