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Quick Transition to Defend 1 v 1 inside the Penalty Area within a Dynamic 8 v 8 SSG


Using half a pitch we create a playing zone approximately 35 x 55 yards. We have 2 full size goals and play a normal 8 v 8 game within the zone. The teams can use the same or different formations and all players are numbered (1 to 7). We also have a goal and a goalkeeper in the normal position with 2 players (yellow) near the sidelines, ready to cross balls into the penalty area. The practice starts with one of the team's goalkeeper (blue in diagram) and we play a normal 8 v 8 game. When one team finishes an attack, the coach calls out a number and a side (e.g. ‘4 - Right’). The 2 players who have their numbers called out then quickly run into the penalty area for a 1 v 1 duel. The cross is delivered from the side that the coach calls out (left or right). The player from the team that just finished their attack makes a transition from attack to defence (blue No.4 in diagram), trying to prevent the opponent from scoring. The opposing No.4 (red) tries to score. Once the 1 v 1 is finished, the practice starts again in the main zone from the red team's goalkeeper, with the team roles and objectives reversed. 

Coaching Points 

1. The player in transition from attack to defence needs to have quick reactions and make sure to get into position inside the penalty area before the opposing attacker.
 2. The defender should get goal side of the attacker and side-on to the ball, before making a clearance.

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