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Fun Soccer Games for 5 to 8 Year Olds PDF

Fun Soccer Games for 5 to 8 Year Olds PDF

Welcome to my book of fun games for younger children. This is long overdue from me and I thank the publishers for nagging me into finally getting some of these games down on paper for all to share.
Many years ago a coaching friend of mine Pat Hilton and I shared an ambition to produce a book such as this. But Pat went off with many of his great ideas to the USA, his life took a different path and we sadly lost touch. But the idea always stayed with me, so I am happy to finally bring these ideas to you.
Ideas - by the way - are exactly what they are. I have made every effort to be original and design some completely new games with new rules and concepts, as well as some interesting titles.
Please feel free to use them as they are shown or add your own imagination and progressions to the design.
This book, and the games within, is based on the concept that the majority of players in this age group dislike doing technical drills.
For instance, if you say “We are going to do some passing drills today”, the first question asked in return is usually “When are we going to play a match?”
Children see drills as a boring task and definitely not fun.
This has been recognised by the English Football Association with the introduction of the new Youth Modules, which I highly recommend. Hopefully this book can act as a complement to the first levels.
The trick with the younger ones is to get them to relate to things they link to fun and excitement such as games, TV shows, and movies.
The games are not about us barking out orders but encouraging effort, flair, teamwork, sportsmanship and, most of all, FUN. 
I have laid out the organisation and instructions of each game for you to quickly and easily understand the rules and objectives. Beyond this, it is your task to mark out the area, sort out the equipment and explain the rules, and get the children playing as quickly as you can.
Of course, we must not neglect the warm-up and have drinks available in order to keep the players adequately hydrated.
I have been privileged to work with some great coaches and would like to thank Pat Hilton (wherever you are), Ted Dale and all the troops at the David Beckham Academy, every player, and student coach I have worked with, the Surrey County FA and - most importantly of all - my soccer-friendly wife, Pauline. I hope you enjoy the book.
At the age of five you just want to have fun. Coaches have to create a fun, engaging and safe environment for the first-timers to enjoy themselves and learn without being put under pressure.
If you’re new to soccer coaching, or new to coaching this age group, Fun Soccer Games for 5 to 8 Year Olds is smart resource to help you to create that environment. Authored by Keith Boanas, a 35-year veteran of the game as an English Football Association Coach Educator, these are some of the favourite games tried and tested on generations of youngsters. They are designed to energise and excite your little players without putting too much pressure on you! Keith's skill in this best-selling and value for money manual is to convert basic soccer skills into games linked to fun and excitement such as games, TV shows, and movies.
The games are not about barking out orders but encouraging effort, flair, teamwork. In Space Wars, they shoot down the enemy, in Ghostbusters, they have to dodge the spooks, and in Don't Feed The Monkeys, if they do the zookeeper gets angry - you get the idea!

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