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E-book_Soccer Drills by top European Coaches.pdf

E-book_Soccer Drills by top European Coaches.pdf

E-book_Soccer Drills by top European Coaches.pdf
Knowledge is everywhere. At Videobserver we believe that more important than knowledge itself, is what we do with it.
Here we show you what the best coaches in the world do to lead their teams to success.
This E-Book focuses on two major and connected areas – ball possession and passing skills.
Modern tendencies brings us a new way of thinking about soccer.
E-book_Soccer Drills by top European Coaches.

As Jorge Castelo defines, ball possession drills are means of general preparation for players and teams. They’re characterized by the creation of conditions that aim the tactical resolutions of the different game situations.
Ball Possession drills are intend to
understand the possibility to:
1. Control the direction and pace of the game
2. Circulate the ball between the players of your team
3. Organize homogeneous and compact blocks
4. Perceive the game situations
5. Deprive opponents of ball possession
To play good soccer these days is to focus on the ability to keep ball possession, to explore the right spaces with the right timing.
Therefore, the game principles must be contextualized in order to create exercises that approach best the reality in the pitch.
This E-Book intends to help everyone out there who relentlessly try to be better every working day, every training session and every drill.
Learn from the best.
Improve your know-how. Go beyond your expectations.

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