In recent years, the 4v4 method has rapidly increased in popularity 
however this method is certainly not a new one. 
The method was introduced by the Dutch Football Association back in 
the 1980’s under the guidance of Rinus Michel’s, the creator of total 
football. The Dutch recognised the decline in street football and the 
damaging effects it would have on developing players in future 
generations. This is how the 4v4 method was born and it’s widely 
known as “the Dutch way” 
In this manual there are over 60 different 4v4 games. The games are 
tried and tested with both grassroots beginners and top youth players 
in professional academies. The games are designed to stimulate the 
players and lead them down a path of learning – all part of guided 
discovery. These games bring the 4v4 concept into a new era and will 
develop your players in a fun, player led environment. 
Below is a list of benefits for the 4v4 method 
• No coaching, the game is the teacher 
• Simple to set up 
• Simplifies the choices in possession [pass, dribble, shoot] 
• More player participation 
• Different games bring different problems to solve and skills used 
• More touches of the ball 
• More passes attempted 
• More 1v1’s attempted 
• More goals scored 
• When used, keeper participation is greatly increased 
• No refs 
• No results recorded 
• No positions, just footballers 
• Children take responsibility

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