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Obviously there isn’t a lot of scoring in soccer.
So when a team gets a chance to attack and score, they need to do their best to capitalize
and put the ball in the net.
An effective attack takes everyone on the team working as one solid unit.
All the players have roles that they must fill. And if everyone does their roles perfectly the odds are much better
that a goal will be scored.
To help everyone get on the same page and to develop strong attacking skills, every team should consistently practice attacking drills dur-ing practice. There are many different types of drills that can and should be practiced in order for the team to be able to create good scoring chances during a game.
Most attacking drills should work on multiple skills so that time and energy is maximized. The
skills that should be emphasized include drib-bling, passing, making runs, crossing the ball,
trapping, and shooting.
Some drills should be related to plays that can be run during games. Along this same theme, all drills should be run as if it were a game un-less the coach decides to slow things down in
order to teach a specific skill.
 Otherwise all drills need to be run at full speed so that players can
transfer what they practice in the drills into the game without any problem.
Here are 20 great drills that work on a variety of skills and will help your players perform better in a game.

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