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UEFA B coaching planner

  UEFA B coaching planner

UEFA B  Football session plans, bundle of 46. Sent electronically.
Condition is New. Sent by E mail, my E mail address is on one of the pictures.
THESE WILL NOT BE POSTED, MY EMAIL IS ONE OF THE PICTURES. Please then write me an E mail once purchased then I can send directly to you.
Postage is listed as I do not want to lose viewings due to collection issues, which would not be an issue.
This bundle will greatly assist with your coursework saving you days and days of work!!
Failing that, this will save you endless hours preparing your sessions for your Academy team/ Grassroots team and just having the benefit of providing comprehensive detail into your sessions, therefore your team will gain the advantage!
I have used a few pictures of different sessions to highlight the detail.
Of the 46 sessions roughly 20 will be A Sessions & 25 are B Sessions, again saving you hours of time.
the bundle can comprise of  UEFA A 3-4-3 v 4-5-1, UEFA A specific individualised session of a wingback in a 3-5-2 ,  UEFA A playing out from the back in a 4-4-2 v 4-4-2, UEFA A Switching play,  UEFA A Match prep, UEFA A Team Training, UEFA A Individualised.
Some titles for the B sessions are as follows. 1, Preventing the switch with a midfield diamond (Very Detailed!!), Defending with a midfield diamond, again very detailed as this was my assessment!, Midfield 3 rotation & movement etc.
Other bundles I have for sale are a 50 generic sessions bundle (5.99) which cover pre season, pressing, RONDO based activities that then progress into playing through the thirds etc.
These dare I call them normal sessions are not just tactically based, but allow your players to learn how to get the technical aspects right, but within a training environment giving you structure for your season!!
I also have a bespoke 31 session B Licence bundle (5.99) which will complete your UEFA B Diploma in football!  To further add, I also have my Welsh FA UEFA B Coursework which can save you days of work, just message for further details.
Soon as I have payment through PayPal I will E mail them to you! You will then have a full portfolio of whatever session plans you want or need.  For coaching the individual, I have Level 2/ C Licence sessions if you message me.
I often get repeat buyers when they see the level of detail. Once you're happy, purchase any £5.99 package again & through E mail I will provide you with a bespoke package of your choosing!! My Email address is on one of the pictures.
I have screen-shotted little bits of sessions. For an effortless season, £5.99 will complete your season!
UEFA B coaching planner

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