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12 Week Community Development Programme PDF

12 Week Community Development Programme

As part of the ongoing development of the Oxford United in the Community programme, a new fully
 inclusive 12 week development programme has been developed for all community Coaches.
This programme covers all age groups up to and including Under 10.
The basis of the programme is for community coaches to deliver consistent coaching sessions based on the fundamental development requirements of the FA’s 4 Corner Approach initiative, and the FA’s
Long Term Player Development programme.
The example sessions that are contained within this development programme easily adaptable and provide all the required 4 Corner and LTPD elements.
The 4 Corner Approach is a model developed for player learning based on a Technical Corner, A Psychology Corner, a Physical Corner and a Social Corner all of which surround the player
throughout their whole playing career.
All 4 corners are closely intertwined and never operate in isolation and are closely linked to Long term Player Development (LTPD).

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