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CONGRATULATIONS! As a youth soccer coach, you are about to enjoy a rare privilege - becoming a surrogate parent to 7 to 18 kids who are looking to have fun and learn the game of soccer.

You are not alone. Youth soccer in South Florida is flourishing and youth soccer needs all of it’s’ member coaches to be their BEST - as leaders, teachers, and friends to every player. With youthful exuberance and enthusiasm, the seven-year-old player finds challenges, excitement, and fun with his or her classmates and friends on the soccer team.

For the prospective coach, who likely has never played the sport, the task of organizing a team, understanding the rules, running effective and enjoyable practices, and making a positive experience of the Saturday game, is another matter.

But just as your child player will develop soccer skills over time, the parent-coach can learn age-appropriate and effective coaching techniques over time as well.

The members of the Cooper City Optimist Soccer coaching staff, who have compiled this manual, believe that your educated participation is vital to the overall experience of your players.

We offer this manual to our family of youth soccer coaches with the expectation that you will use it in conjunction with the full complement of coaching clinics supported by Cooper City Optimist Soccer.

We hope that together these resources will give you the confidence to be the BEST - for your child, your team, and the sport of soccer. 

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