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Two of the most basic requirements for playing football are a clearly and accurately marked field, and the appropriate equipment to go with it.

This document, one of a series of facilities guides produced by Football Queensland, gives you all the information you need to ensure your field is marked in accordance with the laws of the game and your equipment (e.g. goalposts, nets, flagposts etc.) is fit for purpose.

For all competitions administered by Football Queensland and our Zones, at elite and grassroots levels, the FIFA laws regarding field dimensions and pitch markings are used.

Fundamental to the game are the field markings that are contained within Law One of the game, and while there is significant flexibility in the dimensions allowed, to accommodate for greatly differing available spaces to play, there are nonetheless maximum and minimum measurements that must be followed.

Football is certainly not all about the eleven-a-side game, played on a full-sized pitch, and this document  also provides recommended dimensions for small-sided fields, which vary according to age groups and purpose.

Along with a correctly marked field, it’s the responsibility of all football providers (e.g. Clubs in co-operation with Local Councils) to provide goalposts, goal nets and flagposts. Standards for these vital pieces of equipment are also contained within the Laws of the Game.

Unfortunately, there have been instances of serious injury and even death occurring due to goalposts which did not comply with regulations, so it is imperative that they are made of the correct materials, properly secured, and fitted in accordance with these regulations.

PILA is Football Queensland's official goal provider.

The following guide is designed to ensure fields are marked correctly, and the supporting equipment is fit for purpose.

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