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Tactical Soccer Coaching Volume 2

Tactical Soccer Coaching Volume 2

The Education Football concept was a creation born out of a need for soccer knowledge.

As a student of the game I found it tough to find information in easily accessible and cheap formats.

I couldn’t find the time or money to attend a coaching course just to satisfy my inquisitive nature regarding a certain formation that I had seen deployed in the Champions League semi-final or some such equivalent match.

The pundits on the TV were more interested in stroking their co-presenter’s media ego than teaching me the nuances of the game during the half-time love-in.

Newspaper journalists were just vehicles for facts, no detail at all. Cookie cutter reports arbitrarily regurgitating what happened; “he passed to him, him passed back to he, that guy kicked it in…34th minute”.

Who cares? I want to know why it happened. Not when or where or who or how; I want to know why. I had nowhere to turn to validate my thoughts or to realign my errors.

How could something so important be so difficult to find information on? 

Why is tactical elaboration so difficult to learn? 

Where can a soccer student look for his epiphany?

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