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Standard 4 v 4 PDF

Standard 4 v 4 PDF

This document has been written to compile all the possible small sided games (SSGs) but how you coach them is up to you.

Our advice is let the games teach the players how to play and keep your coaching minimal.

There is no correct size for each pitch. Our suggestion is 30m x 20m but change the size of the pitch if you feel it is necessary.

The same rule applies to the size of the goals make them smaller if they can score too easily and bigger if it is too difficult.

To make the document more useful we have grouped the games by the layout necessary for each game. This way you can change from game to game without having to move the cones you have already laid out.

If you would like scientific proof of the benefit of SSGS then email us info@footballtricks. com and we can send you the studies done by the Sports University of Cologne, University of Abertay Dundee or the Department of Exercise and Sports Science at Manchester Metropolitan University.

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