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Soccer Practice Activities and Games Manual PDF

Soccer Practice Activities and Games Manual PDF

At the youth level, the primary focus of soccer training should be on learned skills, which can be introduced at an early age and fully developed as the player matures.

Learning and developing “Ball Skills” is in many ways similar to learning a language. The earlier a child can be introduced to it, the easier it is to learn.

While learning ball skills at the high school age can be accomplished, most high school age players find it difficult and frustrating if they have not been introduced and trained at an earlier age. 

As competition continues to grow for players at a higher level of play, those players who do not have these skills will often find it difficult to make the team and succeed.

Unlike football where size and speed are key attributes, in soccer, ball touch is the most important attribute.

As with a language, the earlier the better.  And, as with a language, learning and developing the basic skills does not require expensive equipment or expensive “Professional” training.

It requires a soccer ball, a little encourage and repetition.  Like learning a language, the key to developing the basic skills requires parental involvement.

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