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Individual Defending Session PDF

Individual Defending Session

Explanation: Individual Defending happens all the time in any game that has opponents.

Every time one defender is near the opponent with the ball, the need to defend as an individual is present.

A 1 v 1 situation is the most basic confrontation in the game but comes in many different variations.

It is the responsibility of the coach to help the players recognize these situations, the different small cues that the game presents, and to help the players make good decisions based on the cues present in the different situations.

Training Session Primary Goal: Technical -Improve individual players’ ability to prevent forward penetration from the attacking player on the ball using proper footwork, body angle, speed of approach to close the space, and angle of approach to make play predictable/Tactical –Improve individual decision making based on the cues of the game (one’s own on speed, the speed of the pass, one’s distance from the receiving player, the location of one’s covering defender, the receivers body position, the quality of the receivers 1sttouch, and the direction of the receiver’s 1sttouch).

Training Session Secondary Goal: Individual Tactical –Make quality decisions on where, when, why to provide cover (act as 2nddefender) and where, when, why to transition from 1stdefender to 2ndand vice versa.

Coaches Focus –Primary:

1.) Teach the cues of the game on how to pressure the attacker based on those cues.

2.) Teach the technical details on how to contain the attacker, how to separate the player from the ball, and how to tackle.

Coaches Focus –Secondary: Teach the tactical details/cues of where, when, why, and how teammates need to provide cover for the 1stdefender in case the defender gets beat.

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