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4-3-3 Positional Rondo +12 PDF

4-3-3 Positional Rondo


• Mark out a 40x35yrd grid preferably in the space between the half way line and the 18yrd box.

• (20 mins) 15 players (Players can be split by units of the team, i.e. defenders, midfielder grouped together). 

• 5vs5vs5.

• Age: 12-Adult.


• 2 teams compete to maintain possession using the neutrals (yellows) to combine with when in possession. Plenty of footballs should be available to be passed in by a coach to make play continuous.

If the defending team (blue) wins/intercepts the football from the outside players, they must switch positions (transition) going from their compact defending shape to an expansive attacking shape.

• Players should not be static and should be active.

• 2 yellow CB’s and the CF play on each end line. The 2 holding CM’s play in the central area at all times.

• Play for 5 mins and then break for a 1 minute rest period.

• Possession passing targets can be set (i.e. 8 consecutive passes). Or count the number of times the ball is passed from a CB through to the CF without the defending team intercepting the football.

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