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Football, or soccer as many choose to call this indulgence, is a well loved hobby, sport and way of life for passionate individuals on a global scale.

As one of those many, I have chosen to support the development of both coaches and players through the creation and distribution of simple, effective and adaptable practices for all ages and ability levels.

As a former semi-professional player, who like many, have had their career cut short through injury, I have embarked on the coach development journey myself with many positive and negative experiences on the way.

From Level 1 to A Licence coach in 3 years, has been an adventurous journey. Combined with Youth modules 1,2 and 3 during this time, a chameleon style approach to coaching hs been required, as many of you know there has been a disparity between senior and youth level coaching in recent years. To develop these sought after skills requires diligent application, reflection and adaptation to make the desired improvements.

It is from this mindset that ‘TouchTights 20 Pre Season Practices’ was formed as what we hope will be the first of many resources that provides the support and guidance for both novice and experienced coaches alike.

My experiences as an ex-player, current teacher and academy coach has been a challenging process that has given me the opportunity to learn and continue to improve in this field.

From grassroots coaches who are setting out on their own journey of developing sons, daughters and their friends through to academy and senior experienced coaches in the professional game, we hope this will be the start of a journey that we can support you with in your own coaching. This first book will provide predmoniantly football practices that can be used during pre-season with the ball, together with additional fitness practices without the ball.

With the time we have had to develop this material, we recogise the importance of providing this material during what is important preparation time, and so have made each practice as easy to follow as possible.

In what has been an exciting beginning in creating our first ebook, we hope you find it useful and engage with ths passion fuelled literature as you move forward with your own groups.

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