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Who is Thomas Tuchel?

He likes the band Simply Red.

He knows in detail how to inspire others, not just talking football with his footballers. He likes to know their private lives and aspirations to understand the players’ personalities and understand what makes them the men they are. He is excellent at understanding the strengths and weaknesses of teams.

For example, he pushes opponents into the right areas to recover the ball, leaving specific spots open and setting traps in them. When facing better teams, he has no problem playing counter-attacking football.

Thomas Tuchel’s goal is to make his footballers improve day by day. He wants them to reach their full potential to increase the chances of achieving satisfactory results.

His idea is to make training sessions more complicated than matches. Some examples are the use of slippery surfaces to develop the footballers’ balance and ball control.

Or the players having to control the ball with their thighs first (even when the ball is passed low to the ground).

Constantly trying to gain an advantage over the opponents, he instigates his footballers to develop code words when they attack, so that everyone knows where to attack the depth and the target to look for.

This way they will know which way the teammate will run, whether the ball should be played through the air or on the ground, and whether closer or further away.

This makes his teams’ play quicker and deadlier. Often, the ball carrier doesn’t even need to look at the unmarking teammate. 100% focused on winning, he is a born competitor, focused, energetic and patient. He enjoys being in the best competitions, facing the greatest football coaches in the world.

He likes to set the bar extremely high and demands the maximum! He knows that football clubs play for trophies and reliable results. He wants to win silverware!

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