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Skills tunnel hat-trick PDF


Skills tunnel hat-trick PDF


This session will help players:

• use different parts of their foot (laces, inside, outside etc.) to explore moving with the ball.

• practise stopping and starting.

• see a path to travel along.

• spot the defender and where there’s space (gaps) to move the ball through.


• This session consists of three mini-practices: unopposed dribbling, semi-opposed dribbling

and opposed dribbling.

• Set up three identical rectangular areas (channels) next to each other.

○ Their size will depend on your players, but the length should always be twice the width

– as we’re working on dribbling, keep them as tight as possible.

• If you have a particularly large number, set up two sets of channels (if you have space).

• For the semi-opposed practice, create a zone across the middle of the channel – this is the

‘stealing zone’.

○ Also, give each player a bib to put in the back of their shorts.

• The unopposed and opposed channels don’t have any extra markings or equipment.

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