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Marcelo Bielsa Game Systems PDF

Marcelo Bielsa Game Systems PDF

Something crucial for someone to be a coach: the ability to convince! Based on conviction and passion. Being passionate about the work and sharing it. For Marcelo Bielsa, there are 10 (and only 10) tactical systems in football.

Besides these 10, there are systems that he considers to be consequences of desperation (systems used in the last minutes of the game to keep or change a result).

Emotion is the coach’s greatest ability, it’s decisive. We must truly believe in what we propose. Only then will we convince others.

As a coach, he guides the team according to how he feels. He strives for players to adapt to his ideas and not the other way around. He proposes to them what he feels. Marcelo Bielsa wants, whenever possible, to attack with 6 players and have 4 men behind as cover..

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