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How to analyse football PDF

How to analyse football PDF

In modern day football, post match analysis and review of training sessions play an increasingly important role. There are many ways to anlayse football, but as a video company, we naturally focus on video analysis in this eBook.

Analysing football is not the same as watching football. This is why we want to give you an initial understanding of video analysis and give a few tips on how to get started and make the most of your time and resources.

You won’t find a complete step-to-step guide to instant results for exactly your team. But we hope to inspire you to take the first steps and to make analysing football a little clearer for you.

This eBook is primarily for the coaches at grassroots level who would like to get started with post match analysis, but has constraints when it comes to time, technology and knowhow.

We have divided it into three chapters that represent a chronological approach, from preparation to analysis and presentation of your findings: Find your why, Know what you’re looking for and Observe, analyse and present.

Previously in our eBook “Four reasons why you should record your football matches”, we have demonstrated the many benefits that film can bring your team. However, for those of you who dream of a career as a coach or analyst, it’s also important to practice and get familiar with analysing recordings of football.

There’s no doubt that it’s a skill that gets more and more important when clubs are recruiting coaches. The eBook is based on countless conversations with coaches, analysts and players from several different football clubs that use Veo.

As well as the many members of our staff in Veo who are involved in football, both on grassroots and elite level, in Denmark, Sweden, UK and USA.

Veo is a multi-sports camera. Since February 2020, our camera system has been able to cover eight different sports. This eBook, however, is about analysing football. This is the sport that the vast majority of our users play and where we have by far the most experience.

With that being said, most of the principles and methodologies apply to other sports too. Examples and expressions might come from football, but sport is sport and all sports that can be recorded with Veo have the same elements of invasion sports.

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