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This book is a very useful tool for coaches (parents) working in Grassroots Football.

It respects the needs and requirements of young players finding their way into the game of football.

Under consideration of the psychological background of youngsters, comprehensive recommendations for efficient training are offered. 

Also, adults with little or no experience in coaching will understand what training at this early stage of development is all about. Consequently both parties will be beneficiaries, the players and the adults involved.

Football, more than any other sport, is a game for everybody.

Male and female players, from the elite to the recreational level, are playing the world game in ever-increasing numbers in Australia.

Football is also a game that allows for all ages to be involved. Of all the age-groups playing football, it is the young that are the most important.

These players are the foundation of the whole of football; without young players, football has no future.

This book is aimed at the people responsible for nurturing these young players.

By making their job easier, and by assisting them to design appropriate training sessions, the book will be a major contributor to Australia’s football development.

The overarching focus of this publication is the provision of ‘quality football experiences.’

Kids must enjoy football, in a safe environment, and they need to feel valued as human beings. Moreover, the volunteer coaches who play such an important role in our game need to feel confident about the job they are doing.

I believe this book will help players and coaches achieve those goals, and will make sure they have fun doing it!

Football Federation Australia is committed to servicing the game of football at all levels. In an era of amazing achievement at the top end of the game, with our Socceroos and Matildas performing so well, this book confirms our awareness of the equal importance of Grassroots Football.

On behalf of Football Federation Australia, I would like to thank you for your dedication to the development of Australia’s young players.

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