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Our mission with this book is to give players, football coaches and parents simple and practical fitness and nutrition strategies which can be easily applied to any training schedule to unlock a higher level of performance.

We’ve focused on the key areas which players, football coaches and parents have repeatedly told us that they are struggling with and unsure about over the last 5 years and hope that the 1-1 coaching style this book is written in inspires you to take action!.
No matter if you’re currently an amateur, semi-pro or pro player, if you apply what you’re about to uncover in this book you will take your performances to a new level not possible by training your technical ability alone.
Yes, continuing to develop your technical game is a crucial part of your success, you’ve got to have elite technical ability to stand any chance of playing at the highest level and a “football brain” which makes smart decisions on and off the ball.
But what you’re about to learn will further enhance the results of your training efforts and allow your technical and mental talents to flourish on the pitch to a much higher degree.
What’s in front of you right now is a wonderful opportunity to develop a highly influential aspect of your football performance which will directly impact the level which you are able to play at.
Much of what you’re about to discover is still overlooked, misunderstood and under-utilised by millions of players (by no fault of their own).
If you want to become a world class pro, you need to train and have the lifestyle habits of a world class pro. The sooner you start the better, it’s as simple as that.
This is a process which requires years of compounding smart training efforts and eating habits, it’s why players who join top professional clubs from a younger age have a significant advantage over gifted players outside of that environment.
The vehicle they have to express their talents from is simply more developed.
As a result, they:
  • Are more resilient to common football injuries
  • Are stronger on the ball
  • Adapt to and recover from training faster
  • Can maintain high intensity efforts for longer
  • Possess more advanced levels of athleticism
  • Can react and move more efficiently at a higher level of their speed capacity …to name just few qualities.Notice how none of them directly involve the ball?All of these things are in your control, if you have access to the knowledge required to achieve them.

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