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Brazilian Soccer Coaching Volume II PDF

Brazilian Soccer Coaching Volume II PDF

We have had this group of players training together for 3 years. In Brazil, at this age group we have to provide the fine tuning coaching in order to achieve the main goal of forming quality football players that will be successful in their professional career.

It is also time to go deeper into the specialization of the positions.

It is our belief that the difference with Brazilian players is their capacity to beat the opponent in an objective and goal directed way in order to disorganize the defensive system.

Therefore, we stimulate flanks, midfielders and attackers to always look for the one on one situation.

However, one characteristic of modern youth coaching in Brazil is also to create players capable of transitioning between attack and defense, without losing the offensive characteristic mentioned.

The strategy to do that was to split up the sessions focusing in each sector: four weeks for defense, for weeks for midfield, four weeks for attack and the last two weeks to refine the link between the sectors.

However, right in the beginning of that season we had to play an important competition, therefore we had to organize the training program progression in order to achieve the process goals and at the same time make the team competitive to deal with the pressure of the tournament.

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