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100 Small Sided Games

100 Small Sided Games

Welcome and thanks for downloading this eBook.

In 2017 I released my first eBook, “50 Small Sided Games”, this was my first ever attempt to pull years of plans and ideas into one place.

It was well received by the coaching community and has now been downloaded in 62 countries across the globe.

Small Sided Games have always been a passion of mine as a young player and as a coach.

There are so many reasons why, these are the benefits as I see them;

▪ It looks and feels like a game (direction, opposition, goals...etc.)

▪ You can manipulate the games to help the individuals, develop themes or shine a light on a certain moment of the game.

▪ The players are free to play, make decisions and find solutions.

▪ The level of enjoyment of engagement for the players.

This eBook is an evolution of the 2017 version. In the last 3 years I have explored this topic a little more, both on the grass and off - developing a better understanding of the rationale and academia behind Small Sided Games.

The outcome is hopefully a deeper, richer and more meaningful piece of work to help coaches and players.

“It’s probably their preferred session I would say because its proper competitive, it’s a small space, it’s a lot of shooting, a lot of finishing...so they love it. And if I would ask at the beginning of the week, ‘what do you want to do today?’ then probably a lot players say, ‘lets play 5 a side’.

But in these games, its really important that you as a manager, as a coach, that you make good decisions in your role as a ‘referee’, because if not...Yeah, it can become quite emotional!”

Jürgen Klopp

Liverpool FC

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