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Player Homework PDF

Player Homework PDF

Help your players to practice alone.

This manual has been designed to provide variety of challenging and realistic practices to help your players practice on there own.

The program will assist in improving each player's individual technical performance through repetition.

It is the responsibility of every player to improve their own individual techniques, for if they cannot perform them accurately without opposition, there is hardly any reason to believe that with the introduction of one or more opponents, it will lead to technical improvements.

The importance of practicing individually should never be underestimated, as the repetitive practicing of technique, following correct instructions with a realistic environment, will undoubtedly reap vast rewards.

The biggest factor discouraging players from practicing alone is boredom.

For a player to be motivated they must first be given a challenge and secondly a variety of realistic practices.

With this in mind this program was developed to give players at all levels a challenge upon their ability, and most importantly, a variety of practices in realistic situations.

On performing these practices the player must keep in mind that although most of these practices are performed in a gymnasium, with imagination they can be transferred to the side of a house or a garage wall, with a multitude of objects substituting the cones.

Each player must adopt a positive and determined frame of mind towards each practice.

A determined approach to each practice will set high standards to aim for.

Progress is not achieved by working within one's limits "as one does not climb higher by looking down".

In these practices the players is the coach, and the only limit is on the lack of motivation from that coach.

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