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The Best of Soccer Journal Techniques + Tactics PDF

The Best of Soccer Journal Techniques + Tactics PDF

The soccer techniques and tactics detailed in this book are drawn from the experience of the best coaches who have ever written for the NSCAA s renowned Soccer Journal.

Coaches you can shape your training according to the practical instruction given in this collection.

If you want to strengthen the technique and tactics of your team on the field, the colorful, clearly explained and expertly rendered training plans in this book will easily provide you with the knowledge to improve the skills of your players.

The book is split into two sections. In the soccer technique section you will learn tips on how to teach technique, develop your player s speed, passing, shooting, receiving, and ability to think creatively and much more.

Contributors to this section include Gary R. Allen of the U.S. Youth Soccer National Staff, the Academy Staff of the NSCAA, Ron Quinn, Wayne Harrison, Craig Brown of the Scottish National Team, Horst Wein, and many others.

In the second section on soccer tactics the book offers advice on combination play for attackers, recognizing the moment, sharpening field vision, small group practice, scoring goals, attacking, quick breaks and so much more.

Contributors to this section include Raffaele Tomarchio, Anthony Hudson, Wayne Harrison, Jay Miller, Steve Dawson and many other accomplished coaches.

This book is beautifully illustrated with full color modern diagrams throughout.

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