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Strength Training for Soccer PDF

Strength Training for Soccer PDF

Tailoring strength and conditioning programs for soccer requires a deep understanding of the demands of the game.

Preparing players to accelerate, decelerate, change direction, and turn and jump can be a challenge.

Developed with the expertise of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), Strength Training for Soccer explains the value of resistance training for soccer players.

The book—backed by practical experience, evidence-based training methodologies, and research—provides a general overarching biomechanical analysis of soccer and specific analysis of the physical demands of each position:

goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and forwards.

Using these analyses, you can design an effective training program that translates to performance on the field. The book also offers the following:

  • 10 detailed protocols to test soccer players’ strength, power, speed, agility, and high-intensity aerobic endurance capacity.
  • 6 total body resistance exercises with 4 variations.
  • 11 lower body exercises with 23 variations.
  • 18 upper body exercises with 44 variations.
  • 22 anatomical core exercises with 32 variations.
  • 27 sample programs for off-season, preseason, in-season, and postseason resistance training.
Each resistance training exercise consists of a series of photos and a detailed list of primary muscles trained, beginning position and movement phases, breathing guidelines, modifications and variations, and coaching tips.
You’ll also learn proper exercise technique and gain a deeper understanding of what muscles are involved in each exercise so you can develop a complete and targeted resistance training program.
Backed by the NSCA and the knowledge and experience of individuals who have years of experience as strength and conditioning
 professionals for soccer, Strength Training for Soccer is the authoritative resource for creating soccer-specific resistance training programs to help your athletes optimize their strength and successfully transfer that strength and power to the soccer field.

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